There is one thing that makes Humboldt such an exciting moving company to be a part of. We go just about anywhere in the world and we have some of the moving industry’s shining experts to help anyone move anywhere.

We love moving families all around the globe. Whether it’s local moving down the street, or to another town, our crews love what they do and the support staff in the office have equal enjoyment every time we successfully move a family with less stress.Warehouse worker filling a storage container

Everyone on our team here at Humboldt also loves a challenge and when it comes to long distance moving, or what you might recognize as relocating internationally, we have the best team in Boston and in the business and that team has decades of expertise in the moving industry.

Take for example Steve Dozois our managing director of international moving. If you want to move to the United Kingdom, Steve knows everything you need to do and every piece of paperwork you need to fill out. If you want to move to Saudi Arabia, the same applies. Steve knows exactly what needs to be done, State Department regulations, Customs, Documents, Transit insurance and anything else needed to get you into the country with your household goods. If there is paperwork to fill out, Steve knows what it is, and his team at Humboldt will help you through the process.

Moving to another country takes preparation

Moving can be stressful and you’ve heard us say this before. Moving to another country, presents a whole host of other circumstances and preparation that needs to be executed flawlessly. Steve and his team do this every day because they know the international moving business like the back of their hand.

Steve currently serves on the board of directors of PAIMA PAIMA is Pan American International Movers Association and is an international organization of global moving and relocation companies. Steve has been affiliated with this organization for several years. He was named USA/North America Regional Director in 2016 and remained Regional Director until named to the board of directors in 2018. He currently serves as secretary.

The members of this organization are some of the best and brightest from the international moving industry. Members share best practices, stay up to date on international relocation regulations, and help each other navigate the ever-changing world of moving internationally.

He’s the top international moving expert in the area

We need experts such as Steve to serve on leadership roles in this industry. Not only to advocate what makes sense for the industry, but to help us be better prepared for each and every move that goes long distance.

No one wakes up and moves to London in the morning without some preparation. Moving to another country requires planning and details unlike any other move and Steve and his team in our international division knows how to get you to the country of your choice in a relaxing manner. That’s because Steve has spent decades in this business, he keeps up to date on every regulation there is and knows the best practices of a long-distance move.

Check out our International moving checklist for more tips and information:

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!