The 33 miners trapped in the Chilean mine are in the process of being rescued, and long before anyone anticipated they would be.  It has been a beyond stressful 70 days for both the miners and their loved ones.  So far, so good– the 13ft capsule that takes the men on a winding 2041 ft 20 minute excursion up a well drilled tunnel has gone off without a hitch.  While in the capsule, the men are being well taken care of, and as soon as they reach the surface, they are given immediate medical attention. Once the miners have been cleared physically, the psychological evaluation will be begin, and eventually the magnitude of changes that will now affect the lives of these men and their families will set in. Many of the families have already experienced some of these changes: being approached by the media for interviews, and promises of and endless opportunities for money and fame via books, movies, TV shows have been presented.  “They will be stars, in a way. Their lives will never be the same. Their families will never be the same. That must be a totally new experience.”  -Raye Kass, professor at Concordia University The Chilean government has promised each miner at least six months of psychological support, in part to deal with the sudden fame.  As the minors internalize this experience, they will have to deal with the pressures of public appearance and the media in general.   Living through an extreme situation is stressful enough, but the aftermath is when the real stress begins.  Trapped in the mine, the men became close, relying on one another for survival and sanity.  It’s a whole other ballgame when you have to balance dealing with what happened to you, and being able to convey your feelings to the whole world.  Psychological, emotional, and financial support is vital to the wellbeing of these men.   It is in thanks to the combined efforts of the Chilean government and navy engineers, the Geotec Boyles Brothers drilling company, Pennsylvania based Schramm Inc., and many others that the miners are being safely and successfully rescued and cared for as they start their lives over again.