Congratulations you’ve decided to move to a new home. You’re not going far, maybe just to the next town. You have been searching for residential movers that understand the ins and outs of moving around Greater Boston. On moving day and you want to know the mover can provide you with the service you need and the Peace of Mind you require for your short journey.

While we may serve as a United Van Lines agent in Boston, we were founded in 1905 as a local moving company with deep family roots and a commitment to service. Here’s what we find the best local movers have in common.

Ensure a relaxing moving experience

Moving to a new home can be challenging for everyone involved. The adults are stressed out and the kids could experience stress in the form of relocating to a new town, a new school, and even finding new friends. It’s important that everyone at the moving company you choose understands that everyone is under a little bit of pressure. And that company needs to do everything within their power to make sure that you can relax as much as possible during the entire process.

A moving company should ask you what your needs are

Yes most moving companies do understand they are there to move you from your current home to your new location. But what are the special requirements and needs you and your family may have? A full-service moving company will understand this and your point of contact will ask you for specifics. Do you want items in your home wrapped or packed a certain way? Are there members of your family that have certain needs such as an elderly parent or a family member with disabilities? A moving company will ask, and you need to inform them.

Understand the local communities

It’s no secret that we are one of several moving companies in Massachusetts. But one thing that sets us apart is our deep roots in Boston. For well over 100 years, we have been moving families in and around Boston. We’ve seen the changes and we understand how to move you locally. When you’re choosing a moving company, they should understand the communities they serve and know how to get around with efficiency. For example, moving to Cambridge is not the same as moving to the North End of Boston.

Understand a local move is just as important as a long-distance move

Sometimes, you as a family are just moving down the street or around the corner. Maybe you’re moving to the next town. But your moving company should take that local move just as seriously as a move across the country. You still must pack everything you own and get it on the moving van, so everything arrives safely at your new home. It can also be just as stressful so your moving experts should understand you’re under the same pressure that you would be by moving across the country.

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