There are a wide variety of stressors in people’s lives today. It is how you handle these stressors that can have a positive or negative affect on ones life. In my day to day life I have a variety of stress at work and in my personal life that I handle with care. Overall I have one main stress reliever that takes my mind away from everything. Once a week I go and run around for an hour playing indoor soccer. When I am on the field I am focused on one goal, and that is to win. During the week, I worry about work, planning a wedding, buying a house, school work, or even how is my favorite sports team doing. To me it is important that when any one of these situations or a combination cause stress in my life I need to handle it in the calmest way possible. As a leader I do not want to show any signs of lingering because I like to lead by example and if the leader is showing signs of stress then others may tend to follow. As each week progresses there is a different source of stress. Yet, there is one common theme of stress reduction, and that is physical activity. When running down the field the stress or work, and the school work is flying out of my mind and I am focused on winning the ball. The overflows and accounting assignment are the last thing on my mind. I find that this is a good way to rejuvenate my mind to finish out the week strong. It is convenient that my games tend to fall on Wednesdays. The work week is half way there and school is coming up the next night. I have a forum where I can release my stress in a healthy manner. I encourage the every person find a hobby that they greatly enjoy which is not associated with any form of stress. This is a good way to concentrate on all aspects of life with all you might.