One of the worst parts about moving is that the norms in your life are interrupted. I recently moved and I have now been 14 days without cable. 14 days with out all that quality programing; no Lost, no football, no 24, no Dog Whisperer (a guilt pleasure of mine!). I don’t think most people realize how important nightly rituals are in keeping a relaxed mindset until they are gone. Going through this recent experience has helped me to realize how valuable Humboldt’s free Utility Connection Service is. With this service, anyone can log in and shop for all the utilities they will need in their new residence (TV, internet, phone, gas, electric and the list goes on). When you enter in your new zip code, it even lists all the different options you have at your new residence. The best part is that most of the companies also offer a “Best Price Guarantee”, which is key. Many of these companies like giving different pricing depending on how you sign up for their service (by phone or internet), but other guarantee takes all the work out of finding the best price. Added services like Utility Connection are really the kinds of programs that make Humboldt stand out from your typical Boston Moving company. We really do put forth the effort to try and reduce the stress of moving and all that goes along with it. Update: Since this posting, I have gotten myself connected to the civilized world again, using the Utility Connection service The tube is on and the stress is gone. I will leave you with one last message: Discipline, Exercise, and Affection… In that order!

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