There are a number of important reasons why you might want to use a storage facility during your upcoming move. Storage with movers is becoming more popular and an effective way to manage not only the move but the stress that can come with it.

If you want to ease into your new home gradually, or you want to take the time to possibly make some improvements to your new house before loading everything you own back into it, placing certain items in storage is a smart move.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to utilize storage during your move.

Storage with movers is convenient and safe

If you have decided you can’t fit everything in your new home, a moving company that also has a storage warehouse is one of the most convenient ways to stagger your move. Just inform your moving professionals what you want to be delivered to your new home and what you want to be placed in storage. Since they’re already in possession of your household goods there’s no need for you to load them separately and bring them to another storage unit. It just makes perfect sense to keep your move including the storage with one company.

If you’re staging your home, storage is a smart move

If you decided to declutter your home and stage it before putting it on the market, it makes all the sense in the world to utilize storage with movers. After all, you’re going to be moving anyway so why not use the moving company for your storage needs. After consulting with your real estate agent, decide what you feel should be kept in the home while you show your home to potential buyers and what you need to remove from the home. Work with your moving company to get that packed and into storage as you sell your home.

Moving into a home that needs renovations

If you are going to be making improvements to the home you’re moving to, you will want to place certain items in storage. We find many people purchasing a new home what to make it their own and decide to get started on home improvement projects immediately. Maybe you want to upgrade your kitchen or put on an addition. Before you move everything into your home and then have to move it out, a little planning goes a long way, and storage can be one of your best solutions.

Downsizing your home will require storage

If the kids are off to college or you’ve gotten to an age where you have too much house, you may have decided to downsize. As with many of our customers, we find the more house you have, the more items you have as well. If you’re moving to a condominium or a smaller home, your downsized move may require you to utilize a storage facility while you sort your items out. Once again it makes perfect sense to utilize the storage with a moving company to make sure you have everything in one location. Your moving professional can help you sort out what will go to your new home and what will be placed in storage. This is a perfect option if you don’t know what you want to do with various items just yet.

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