We get a number of inquiries here from our customers about the various activities you as a homeowner need to do before leaving your home. And one of them is whether to clean the home before your journey off to your new destination.

The short answer is yes, you should definitely leave time to clean out your home before closing the door behind you. It’s not only the right thing to do but you may be obligated to do so.

Check with your real estate agent

You should check with your real estate agent about the condition that you need to leave your home in for a new homeowner. Buying and selling a home is a fast and sometimes complex event. And one of the things you may not realize is that leaving your home in what they call “broom swept” condition may actually be in your contract.

Keep cleaning supplies with you in your car

Once your moving company is done packing the moving van, you’ll want to take one last look at the condition you leave your home in for the buyer. It’s a good idea to leave cleaning supplies in your car including rags, and a broom to put the final touches on your home after the moving crew is finished.

A last chance for forgotten items

Our moving crews are very thorough when it comes to moving our clients but on rare occasions, while cleaning your home, you may find an item or two that the movers did not see. Cleaning your home allows you to take one last walk-through to guarantee you have everything before handing over the keys.

Need advice on packing everything you own so you don’t forget anything? Make sure you talk to our moving professionals or your dedicated move manager.

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