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Office Set-Up


Let Humboldt’s commercial office expertise help your organization keep your employees and customers safe while feeling comfortable Your organization had to quickly respond to the COVID-19 crisis in many ways. First, you needed to ensure that everyone on your team was safe and that your offices were as clean

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Shelter In Place Packing Supplies


Summer Cleaning During The COVID-19 Quarantine If you are like many families we have been talking with lately, you are starting to look around your house during the COVID-19 quarantine and have decided to do some summer cleaning. That could be your basement, maybe you have not been in

Shelter In Place Packing Supplies2020-07-13T12:30:55-04:00

Humboldt’s 2019 Guide To National Relaxation Day in Boston


National Relaxation Day is an important day as we all need a break from the fast-paced and often hectic lifestyles we live especially since here at Humboldt Storage & Moving – we are passionate about addressing the worries and stresses associated with relocating – we strive for stress-free moving! Taking

Humboldt’s 2019 Guide To National Relaxation Day in Boston2019-09-16T11:17:11-04:00

How To Move A Motorcycle Cross Country


Some of us have dreamed of hopping on a motorcycle and hitting the highway on a long journey. The freedom that the open air provides us is relaxing, a little bit rebellious and with no schedule to follow, a tour across the country could be just the thing to gain

How To Move A Motorcycle Cross Country2019-06-14T09:55:16-04:00

Swimming Pool Safety At Home


Your backyard should be a place of rest, relaxation and time spent with family. Here in New England, unless you enjoy sitting in your backyard in the snow and cold, then you only have a chosen few months to really get the full benefit of your backyard oasis. Especially if

Swimming Pool Safety At Home2019-06-07T09:54:20-04:00

Humboldt Case Study = Moving A Bio-Tech Company


Experience Humboldt Storage and Moving, the oldest moving company in Greater Boston was entrusted recently with a time-sensitive and detailed move of a lab and offices of a Boston-area therapeutics company. Humboldt has executed numerous moves of this nature over the years that required painstaking planning and detailed oversight and

Humboldt Case Study = Moving A Bio-Tech Company2019-05-15T10:51:48-04:00

Watch Out For These Spring Home Hazards


The winter months, especially in New England, can take quite a toll on your home and property. Here in the Northeast, we seem to get just about everything thrown at us in winter. One day we get three feet of snow, and the next, it’s raining and 50 degrees outside.

Watch Out For These Spring Home Hazards2019-04-30T08:24:10-04:00

Don’t Pack These Essential Things You Need on Moving Day


At this Boston moving company, we love to pack boxes. Doesn’t everyone? It’s part of what we do for our customers and we enjoy making sure their entire journey from start to finish is as stress-free as we can possibly make it for them. But we do realize that for

Don’t Pack These Essential Things You Need on Moving Day2020-07-10T09:06:43-04:00