We’ve noticed in recent years that with the difficult job market and other reasons, companies are less likely to pay for the full move cost for their relocating employees. Instead, we are seeing an increase in lump sums – a single payment that is given to the employee to put towards the move as well as other expense related to relocating. The employee is then responsible for their own move: from finding a moving companyand other vendors, to seeing the moving process through to the end. So, what kind of advice can we give you? Bigger companies should have relocation packages that clearly state what they will offer to their employee, and what the employee is responsible for. Smaller start ups and tech companies will often have less formal policies. We suggest becoming familiar with your company’s individual policy before starting the process on your own. The best scenario is a specific relocation policy. But, as we’ve said, these are becoming more and more rare. If you have been given a lump sum to relocate, we’re going to tell you what we tell everyone beginning the moving process: do your homework. This is absolutely crucial. Websites like movingscams.com will help you avoid a negative move experience. We suggest talking to friends and family members who have moved. Find a reputable moving company. You don’t want to be scammed and we don’t want you to be either. Moving can be stressful and as always, we want to do anything we can to limit that stress. We know there are several moving companies in Boston but we hope you choose Humboldt to help you relocate. If you’re moving for your company and need an international mover, we conduct over 1,500 of these moves each year. Just sayin’…Check out the video with Howard.

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