Relax and ride out the summer in style

What a year 2020 has been! In March, none of us had any direction, no playbook, and we were uncertain about the rest of 2020. Maybe we thought it was temporary and we had no idea how long COVID-19 would affect us and our traditions. Now we know and most of us have had to adjust.

We’ve adjusted our day to day plans, where we eat lunch (mostly at home…) and even our leisure activities. We have seen record sales in the RV industry, swimming pool companies with enough business for two years because everyone is staying at home, and grilling becoming our renewed pastime.

As we wrap up another summer season, there is still plenty of time to take advantage of your situation and enjoy some of the closer things to do in our region and in our own backyard. Just because we can’t jet off to Disney or the Caribbean, doesn’t mean we can’t create new experiences and memories.

Start in your own backyard

Many of us have all this backyard and deck furniture and we never use it. We set it up each season, and then we head off each weekend to some other location. And then we put it away before winter. So this season, why not use it as you head into the fall. Stay in your own backyard and enjoy it. Use that firepit and have a fun evening with the family.

Fall is also a great time to create a new vision for your property. If you want to make changes such as a swimming pool, now is a good time to contact pool companies for next season. Take the time and get the right design for your new backyard paradise.

Waterfalls and covered bridges

Hop in your car and check out all that New England has to offer. We have some of the most unique scenery in the country. There are hundreds of waterfalls small and large around New England and Massachusetts and if you hop on Google, you can find many covered bridges you can visit. These are some of the hallmarks of New England countryside and they are worth exploring. And if you are still worried about going to a restaurant in the era of COVID-19, pack that picnic basket and some beverages.

Go camping and relax

We get it, camping is not for everyone. If you can’t stand the thought of waking up in a tent, why not try the RV method of camping. It doesn’t have to be a rough as you think it might be. While RV sales might be taking off this past year, you may want to rent one before making that commitment. Aside from one of our moves…can you think of a more relaxing experience than spending time with nature? Outside with nature, putting the phone down and maybe even trying to spend a few days without the internet. Sounds perfect to some of us.

Times have changed for a while and the more you get back to basics, the more relaxing you could find yourself. Take time to enjoy your own surroundings and when you’re ready to make the long journey, we’re ready to be there.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!