Last weekend was the Annual March for Babies Event, and I can say with confidence that Team Humboldt went above and beyond this year.  At the start of the event, Humboldt had a table set up giving away tissues, rulers, ponchos, and other chotchkes. What started off as a bright sunny day turned into rain for the 3rd year in a row!  Luckily, since our team members came prepared with ponchos to spare, most were saved from the rain. Our goal was to raise $7,000.00.  By the day of the event, we had raised $11,268!  We had some ambitious walkers with very generous donors.  Thank you to everyone who helped us reach and surpass our goal as well as to everyone who participated in the event.  It was another successful year for the March for Babies and Team Humboldt, and we hope to continue that success next year.

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