At work I am fully invested in our brand, to reduce the stress of our customers and fellow co-workers.  I understand that being a Boston storage and moving company, brings with it a level of stress, both internally and for our customers who are actually shipping their goods, but most of the time, I am just focused on doing the right thing, getting my work done and working on extra things as they come up.  Recently, our internal Branding Team launched a Stress Reducer Award, which encourages employees to nominate their fellow co-workers who have reduced their stress during the course of the work day.  I wrote out my nomination (thanks Jamie!) and then left it, going about my job as I normally would, so you will understand my shock when the Branding Team announced me as the first winner and presented me with my prize.  I won a bunch of great things, including lunch and a gift card.  But the best thing (especially since it is January!) is that I get a parking spot right in front of the building.  I can press the automatic start button for my car from inside the building, without leaving the lobby or even craning my neck.  In the morning, I literally step out of my warm car and into the building within seconds, barely even getting my nose cold.  It’s like heaven!  And from what I heard, there were quite a few tempting nominations (I’m glad to hear I didn’t just win by default!).  In this economy, its important for moving companies to stand out and do the right things because consumers are a lot less forgiving than they were a year ago.  But happily, I can attest to the fact that we were reaching out and living our brand back then, and still are now, regardless of our customer’s purse size.  That shows, among other things, by the number of nominations that consistently flow in each month. So, take it from me: Sometimes doing the right thing is silently rewarding, and other times, its so awesomely rewarding that you would be willing to take on a whole 2nd job to keep the appreciation coming! Either way, it’s worth it.  Have a happy, stress-free day!