Questions About Moving Part 1

We are proud to say that here at Humboldt, we have so many moving experts here from all departments. And after over 115 years of moving, we have gotten almost every question there is about moving in Boston, and beyond.

So we thought we’d answer some of the questions that many of our customers ask about moving. There are so many we have been asked over the years and so many areas to cover. From moving during all seasons, what to place on a moving truck, how to pay and so many more. Here’s just a few questions and answers about moving with more to come!

Can you remove TV’s and other large equipment from my home?

Yes, we can! Many homes we walk into now have wall-mounted televisions, other technology, appliances as well as high-end exercise equipment. We understand that these are part of your move so yes, it is important that we take care of them. We have a trusted parentship with a company that performs these services for us.

We know that much of this equipment is delicate in nature and that some disassembly may be required to transport it properly. Our partners that assist us in moving these items know the products and understand when and how a piece of equipment needs to be taken apart and reassembled properly at the new home. We also offer custom crating for all types of high-end products and those will keep your items safe during all parts of the moving journey.

Why do you need a parking permit for my moving day?

In some cities and towns, a parking permit is required on moving day. For example, if you are moving in Boston, Cambridge, Brookline and other cities, we will be required to obtain a parking permit. One of the main reasons is that in some streets and areas, our tractor trailer will not fit on the street you move on some our crews will need to shuttle your goods using a smaller truck. Having a parking permit saves our parking space making our trips with your items that much easier. If you are moving to a high-rise building, we might even need a permit for that crane.

How do I pay my moving company?

This is a common question we get. How does a moving company get paid? Well here at Humboldt, we have a couple of convenient options. First, we accept credit cards. They way we do that is that we obtain your credit card information during our e-acceptance packet when you agree to have Humboldt as your moving company. Two days before we show up to move your family, we put in a request to your credit card company and place a pending charge on your statement. The day after moving day, and you are settled in your new home, we put through a request for the balance.

The other method we have used over the years is a certified check. If you don’t want to use your credit card, a certified check or money order will work for payment. Typically, we accept that check right before we show up to your new home to load all your goods in.

Do you have a question about moving that you feel we should address on our blog that could help others? Send us a note through our Contact Us page and we’ll answer your questions about moving on an upcoming blog post.  Happy Moving!

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