packing electronics
Preserving and keeping your fragile belongings safe while moving can prove challenging. Electronics are particularly at risk as they have sensitive interfaces and buttons that can easily break in transit, resulting in expensive repairs and replacements. Here are some packing tips http://self packing tips to help you transfer your electronics to your new home in one piece.

  • Read the product manual – Reading the instruction manual that came with your device sounds like a chore, but these pages contain information on how to properly store and protect your device. You can read more about your device on the manufacturer’s website if you lost or tossed out the instruction manual.
  • Save packing material – Although it might be tempting to toss your device’s original box or packaging, it would be smart to keep it. Wrapping your device in bubble wrap and inserting it the same way you took it out (with twist ties, packing peanuts, etc.) can make it much easier to transport.
  • Pack devices with their components and accessories – Devices often come with a variety of cords (power, USB, HDMI, etc.) that can be easy to lose during a move. Pack your device with the accessories it came with, preferably all in the original packaging. Color coordinate and match devices with their components using color tape or string so you know which accessory goes with which device.
  • Leave device boxes unmarked – Labeling your box “electronics,” can attract the unwanted attention of burglars looking to make a quick score. Leave your electronics box unlabeled or be smart and label it with a sign, emblem or sticker that only you, your movers and your family understand.
  • Create an inventory list – Inventory lists not only help you keep track of all your items but can also help you streamline the moving process. Create a paper inventory list of all the electronic devices in your moving box or container and place the list inside. This way, you will easily know if all your items made it to your new home. This method can also be applied to the other belongings in your move.

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