All around the world, people are honoring babies born prematurely this past year: both those who passed on and those still struggling to survive.  This day is about everyone coming together, to promote healthy babies everywhere, and bring awareness and resources to those in need. This event is being sponsored by the March of Dimes (US), EFCNI(Europe), National Premmie Foundation (Australia) and Little Big Souls(Africa) To become a supporter, please go to the following site and click “likes this” button. Did you know . . . A baby’s brain grows the last 1/3 of its weight in the last 5 weeks of pregnancy. Daily folic acid can prevent 2/3 birth defects. Weekly in Massachusetts: Over 1,500 babies born and around 170 are born prematurely. Weekly in the US: Over 77,000 babies are born and around 9,600 babies are born prematurely. In 2010, the US Premature Birth Rate dropped to 4%, the lowest ever: that is a combined effort from 40 states and DC! Helping over 80,000 families annually, the “NICU Family Support” program has been developed for families with premature babies to provide comfort, support, and information. From Afar: A majority of premature births each year (21 million) occur in third world countries. The March of Dimes has teamed up with organizations like The Volunteer Youth Leaders for Health (in the Philippines) where students in university educate women in rural areas on prenatal care.  And in India, a program to increase midwife training has been put in place to focus on educating pregnant teens on hygiene and nutrition and to provide better overall pre-and-post natal care. Humboldt, like many local organizations, is a strong supporter of the March of Dimes. For more information, to donate, or to volunteer, please visit