I have been at Humboldt for 6 years now and the strange stories I hear never cease to amaze me. Before entering the business 6 years ago I never thought a Boston moving companywould see so many out of the ordinary things, though I guess moving is always a strange time in people’s lives. I’ve heard my boss, Jim Sullivan, say many times that one day when he retires he is going to write a book about all the weird things he’s seen over the years. This is starting to sound like a good idea and today I think I have my first story. Recently I have been working on a marketing campaign where we reach out to past clients and ask them to give us honest reviews on Facebook. You can read all our reviews here. Today, I log on and see a new 5 star review from a past client. Only this review is different. Apparently, this gentleman’s cat stole away on our truck! I’m guessing it must have been frightened by the crew and either ran out the door and into the truck when no one was looking or hid in a box and was really quiet and still when the box was put into the truck. At any rate, this cat survived in the trailer for 6 days! He went all the way from Kansas to Utah. I can’t imagine we reduced his stress too much… Thankfully, the cat made it safely out on the other side. For the record, we DO NOT SHIP ANIMALS IN OUR TRUCKS  . Typically, we help our customers find 3rd party companies who specialize in transporting animals and who can help guide them through any of the paperwork that might be needed in their new state. I’ll see if I can get some more info from the shipper to fill in the details. Just a crazy story I had to share… just a normal day for a Boston moving company!

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