Humboldt’s Jeff Hitchcock has moved families, celebrities, sports stars and now he’s moving himself…In a couple different ways.

Jeff is retiring this month after a 40-year career in the moving business. And for this new retiree, things are not slowing down just yet.

He officially retired in March of this year and shortly after cleaning out his desk, he sold his home. “I didn’t expect it to sell that quickly,” said Jeff and now he’s on the hunt for his next place to call home. Since he’s been in the moving business for so long, we’re confident he’ll find a new home in no time.

During his time at Humboldt, Jeff was the VP for Business Development. In his role, Jeff worked very closely with many companies that regularly had employees that needed to relocate for their jobs. He worked with the company executives, but he also worked the families themselves to make sure everyone had a smooth and relaxing experience.

“I’ll miss these opportunities to be involved in their moves,” says Jeff. “It was instant gratification seeing these families get from point A to point B.” Over the years, Jeff developed many relationships with his clients and even took the time to take them out to lunch after they got settled in their new home. He wanted to ensure that his clients were happy after what can be a stressful experience.

And after surveying over 5,000 homes during his career, Jeff says that what made the happiest over the years was being able to make things right after a family had a bad moving experience with another mover. He doesn’t really have a one favorite move he’s worked on but just knowing that he helped put many families at ease during a difficult time makes him feel great about his long career.

While Jeff was already a busy guy in a fast-paced business, he’s not thinking of slowing down. He’s ready to put more energy and time into some of his passions. After he gets done packing and moving out of his home and into a new home, he will be dedicating some of his time to a few charities that he’s worked with over the years.

One of his passions is working with his church to feed the homeless. He’s been doing this for years but will dedicate more time. The church, with Jeff’s help feeds 140 individuals that are homeless at each serving. He’ll continue working on that and he’ll be working with My Father’s House, a charity that provides assistance to young women who are pregnant or parenting at a young age. They help with education, life skills, and other resources to help them raise their child and become an adult.

Jeff will also be spending much more time with his 12 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren; something he’s been wanting to do for some time. Now he has that opportunity.

Jeff also wanted to make sure as we wrote about his retirement that we mentioned how much he was grateful to the entire Humboldt family. He said that for many years, Humboldt was his competition, but he admits he always wanted to work for Humboldt. And in 2009, he came to Humboldt. “Everyone at Humboldt has a heart and wants to do the right thing,” Jeff says. “They are also always ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, HR and trends in the moving industry.”

So, here’s to Jeff Hitchcock, an industry veteran, a father and grandfather and a man dedicated to helping others at many levels. Enjoy your retirement and we hope you continue to help others around you for many years to come. The Humboldt team has appreciated all of your hard work and your commitment to putting families at ease when they needed you the most.

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