Weather and Hazardous Road Conditions Can Make for a Stressful Relocation Boston, MA, December, 2011…Humboldt Storage and Moving, the oldest moving company in Boston, United Van Lines agent and experts in stress-free moving is based just outside of Boston and knows all about moving in all types of weather conditions. From warm sunny days to relocations that take place in snowstorms, Humboldt has moved customers in every possible weather scenario. The Boston Moving company has come up with a number of tips to help people relocating during the winter months. The more planning the better: While the busy moving season is in the summer months, planning for a winter move is even more critical. Delays because of weather, hazardous roads and even flight delays can get in the way of a stress-free move. The first thing a family needs to do when they are faced with a move is call the moving company. Prepare for delays: It’s always good to keep several items in the car in the event of delays. Those items should include a shovel and blankets, food and beverages in the event of a road delay. Other items to consider are any pet supplies, medications for family members and video games or books to keep children occupied. Prepare both homes for a move: Many make the mistake of not taking proper precautions at both moving sites. Walkways and driveways should be cleared of snow and ice and items such as lawn furniture and items on patios and decks should be accessible or placed in a garage before moving day. “Since we are a moving company in Boston, we are not only used to winter weather but know how to move a family in such conditions,” states James Sullivan, president of Humboldt Storage and Moving. “A move that is low in stress can be achieved in the winter months if families just take a few precautions and plan far in advance.” More tips and a short video on how to move in the winter can be found here: About Humboldt Storage and Moving: Boston moving company Humboldt Storage and Moving, founded in1905 is Greater Boston’s oldest moving company and largest United Van Lines agent. The company’s philosophy is “Relax. And get moving.” Moving is cited as one of the more stressful occasions in people’s lives and the entire Humboldt team goes to great lengths to ensure all customers feel at ease through the entire moving process. For more information about Humboldt’s expertise and moving services contact them at (781) 821-8777. For additional information visit

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