Have you started packing yet? Well many across the county have as we enter the busy moving season. Our stress-free moving experts here at Humboldt are already getting families just like yours ready for that big day of moving. And there will be many of them between now and Labor Day.

May is National Moving Month, and for good reason. It’s the month when moving companies, including Humboldt hit the ground running at 5:00am each and every day to help families like yours on a journey across town or across the country. It’s also the time when stress levels can hit a new level and your to-do list can seem endless.

And while this time can be stressful for many, it is the job of everyone at your moving company to make this part of your life as enjoyable as it can be. With less stress, less headaches add in a little compassion and caring and you might just enjoy the ride to your next destination.

We always hear these self-help experts tell us that the way we talk to ourselves can make or break our day. Well, there is some truth to that. The way you look at your move can set the tone for either a stressful experience or it could put you at ease. We understand there are endless parts to a move and that’s why we go out of our way to make this part of your life less stressful.

Humboldt truck backing up

Want Less Stress?

While packing may cause you to go completely over the bend, it can also cause you to pause briefly and enjoy the memories. There are many items in your home that have stories attached to them. Take the time with your family to look through what you’re packing and find the stories. If you have old photos or family heirlooms, china etc…, find the stories that make you happy. Share them with your family.

Visit Your New Destination

Take time before your move to visit your new destination. Ride around the town and see all there is to see. Find a nice restaurant and enjoy the meal. And if you have children, visit their new school if possible. If there is a downtown, take a walk and enjoy everything your new location has to offer. If you cannot take the time to do that, you can most likely find online groups such as Facebook pages that promote your new community. See what’s going on there.


You need to set your expectations and the anticipations of your family. Not every move goes according to plan. That is just reality. We would love to tell you that every last second of your move will be perfect. And guess what? It can happen. But understand that with all the complexities of a move, there will be parts of your moving journey that might throw you for a curve. Moving is cited as one of the most stressful events a person can go through. Understand this. Prep your family and children and collectively help each other through the process. If it gets too crazy, take a walk. Or breathe…


Nothing makes a move go more smoothly than preparation. When you know you need to move, contact a reputable moving company. Even if you don’t have all the details, it is better to get things started. If you wait too long, you may need to adjust your schedule. Remember, moving companies get very busy in the summer so don’t wait. Start packing or get some help. We’re confident that you probably have no idea how much “stuff” you have. And it’s almost certain you have more than you know. Start looking around the house and get packing, donating items or have a yard sale. The less you have to move, the less stress you’ll have and your costs will go down.

Make sure you check out our blog and YouTube site for a whole host of topics to help you through your move. These topics will assist you in preparing for a move, help answer any questions about moving and give you tips on where to find additional information.

From all of us at Humboldt. Relax and get moving!

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