Humboldt Case Study On Last Mile Delivery : Assisting High-End Contractors with Inventory and Workflow

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Download our Last Mile Delivery Case Study Here Humboldt Case Study – Last Mile Delivery

Last Mile Delivery : Experience 

Humboldt Storage and Moving may be best known for helping families “Relax and Get Moving“, but one area of expertise is in commercial moves and more specifically, assisting in the workflow of large, time sensitive projects.

Humboldt was asked to bring their moving and storage expertise to a large-scale construction project in the heart of Boston. A prominent contractor was building out units in a 21-floor new construction luxury building and needed a partner to manage the inventory of the project as well as the crucial workflow that went along with a project of this scale.

Last Mile Delivery : Challenges

Workflow, Storage and Timing

The contractor needed to build out many units in this 21-story high-rise in the middle of a busy city; Boston. There was no storage available nor would there be when working in a major city. Humboldt, based in Canton, Massachusetts is strategically located to handle such a project as Canton is in very close proximity to Boston.

Humboldt needed to provide storage for everything from cabinetry, appliances, and a whole host of other kitchen and bathroom supplies needed to complete the construction of each unit. The major challenges that needed to be solved by the Humboldt Team included, the storage of many types of household items, the fundamental timing of deliveries to the construction site and the contribution to a smooth workflow process given a project of this size and complexity.

As products and supplies were coming to the Humboldt warehouse from a multitude of vendors, the need to inspect supplies, create dedicated storage space and have systems in place for quick delivery to the construction site were mission critical. Humboldt became a major factor in ensuring that construction milestones were met, and inventory was where it needed to be at the exact time.

Last Mile Delivery : Strategy

Once Humboldt was tapped to spearhead this project, systems were immediately put into place. While
Humboldt relies on time-tested systems to manage every project and move, individual projects and variables always come into play. This is where Humboldt and the decades of experience shine
because of their ability to adapt to client needs. The materials for this ongoing project were delivered to Humboldt on a continuing schedule and needed to be managed in such a manner.

The Humboldt team quickly developed an intake system for these constant shipments to the Canton warehouse and cataloged them in a detailed inventory system. Inventory and flow were critical as to not overwhelm an already busy moving and storage operation and to allow for on time delivery.

Materials needed to be shipped to the downtown Boston construction site on 48-hour notice. The Humboldt team needed to always be reacting quickly to keep construction schedules on time. Humboldt created dedicated work space for shipments that were easily accessible to crews working on the project. With that came a staging area exclusively used for this project which enabled them to keep to a short delivery schedule and meet the demands of staying on track.

It was very clear from the beginning that construction crews cannot be sitting around waiting for shipments to begin work so the workflow of this project on Humboldt’s end, needed to be flawless.

A better part of the construction project was built by floor number, so Humboldt needed to quickly spring into action and deliver much of the shipments by floor number. If the contractor stated they need all materials for floor 17, Humboldt was ready to be on location within 48 hours. Organization, detailed inventory and fast response were important parts of this project.

Last Mile Delivery : Results

This effort remains in full force and Humboldt continues to be a major factor in the on-time deliveries, inventory management and workflow of this long term project. Humboldt remains the storage and
delivery partner and has solved the many challenges associated with building in the city of Boston, including storage of critical materials, delivering when and where they are needed and navigating the complex streets of Boston.

Humboldt Storage and Moving has proven time after time that they are not just experts in residential moving but a critical part of a commercial move. Whether it’s a large-scale construction project like this one or a critical lab move, Humboldt has the systems in place and the experienced people on staff to meet these demands.

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Download our Last Mile Delivery Case Study Here Humboldt Case Study – Last Mile Delivery

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