Whether you are moving locally in Boston, across the country, or even internationally…moving is an overwhelming, hectic period in your life. We have recently added another convenient tool to reduce the stress of your upcoming relocation : Video Surveys! 


If you own a smartphone or tablet, we now have a new option for conducting a highly accurate survey with you over a video chat. Typically, the traditional in-home estimate process takes 1 hour. We know your time is especially at a premium when you’re preparing to move, so our new “Video Survey” option provides a quick, easy, and convenient solution.

Facetime call on iphone

The process is simple. Our move consultant simply connects with you on your smart phone or tablet at a convenient time to guide you through the process. You walk through your residence, filming the items you will be moving, as the consultant documents all of the information necessary to provide an accurate inventory and estimate. The time required to conduct a Video Survey is generally half as long as a traditional in-home survey.

Ready to relax and get moving? Simply visit our home page and click “See If You Are Eligible For A Video Survey” for more information.


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