Humboldt Storage & Moving is proud to announce the recipients of our April 2016 “Stress ReMover” Award. Congratulations to Bethany Feiter and Wellinson Baez!

“Thanks to Bethany, for being such an exceptional ‘MOVE GIRL’! It was a genuine PLEASURE working with Bethany—the relocation process was smooth and stress free! I don’t know how to thank her enough.”

Wellinson was recently commended by It’s Your Move— for joining the Pinckney crew and providing unbelievable service the last 3 months.

Award Winner - Bethany Feiter April 2016 with SRA logo Award Winner - Wellinson Baez April 2016 with SRA Logo

As part of our commitment to our brand – “Relax and Get Moving” – Humboldt seeks to honor employees who go above and beyond to reduce the stress of their coworkers and customers. Winners are nominated by other employees and are voted on by a committee.

While, the awards are handed out throughout the year, the month of April holds a very special meaning. “As April is Stress Awareness month it only seemed natural for Humboldt to honor those in our area that help others reduce stress, “stated James Sullivan, president of Humboldt Storage and Moving. “In the moving industry we see people that are stressed out every single day and we do our very best to help those who are moving, feel at ease through the process.”

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