Humboldt Storage & Moving is proud to announce the recipients of our March 2017 “Stress ReMover” Awards. Congratulations to Eli Denis & Mike Wilson.

As part of our commitment to our brand – “Relax and Get Moving” – Humboldt seeks to honor employees who go above and beyond to reduce the stress of their coworkers and customers. Winners are nominated by other employees and are voted on by a committee.

Employee of the month

Employee of the month

Eli’s Nomination : “I would like to nominate Elizaire Denis as the stress remover. We have been working with a client that came into the process very nervous about how her belongings would be handled and how the move would be managed.  She has had bad experiences with other moving companies in the past and has read a lot of reviews that made her feel like it was inevitable that she would run into all kinds of problems throughout her move. Shortly after Elizaire’s first call to the client, she contacted me to let me know how helpful Elizaire had been and how good she felt about choosing Humboldt.  She mentioned that she has moved lots of times, and that Elizaire is the best coordinator in the business. She stated more than once that she was less stressed about her move because of Elizaire and she was thankful that he was involved in the move.”

Mike’s Nomination : “We consistently receive words of accolades from customers on how wonderful and professional Mike Wilson is. Mike recently packed out an international, and domestic shipment in New Hampshire and the shipment combined went 65% over the estimated weight. He and his crew worked diligently into the late night to get the shipment packed out. One the phone, the shipper told me that his wife was in tears with panic and stress, and Mike calmed her down to the point she came over and hugged him and smiled. The day after, the shipper sent me an email and said “First of all. Mike is one of the most fantastic people we have ever met. You are very lucky to have him. Somehow he put us at ease”. I cannot say how many times a month we hear very similar comments, Mike without doubt goes above and beyond every day of the week.”

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