Humboldt Storage & Moving is proud to announce the recipients of our May 2017 “Stress ReMover” Awards. Congratulations to Jeff Beaton and The Team of : Mike Serafin, Carlos Matos, Paul Whittaker, Bobby Costa, and Scott Fowler!

As part of our commitment to our brand – “Relax and Get Moving” – Humboldt seeks to honor employees who go above and beyond to reduce the stress of their coworkers and customers. Winners are nominated by other employees and are voted on by a committee.

Award Winning Boston Mover | Jeff Beaton | Humboldt

Jeff’s Nomination: “Last month, Jeff stepped up and helped us in a huge way. We had a customer who had a refrigerator that needed to be moved into their home from the garage. To do this, the doors needed to come off, and be reinstalled once inside. A scheduled third party service vendor cancelled the job without notifying us. On the day of the move, Jeff went out to the residence, he removed the doors from the refrigerator, the crew brought the piece inside and Jeff re-attached the refrigerator doors without issue. The customer loved Jeff! Said he did a fantastic job and Jeff really saved us with a last minute issue that could have prevented the customer from having access to her refrigerator. Jeff definitely went above and beyond his day to day duties and I can’t appreciate him enough for it.”

Award Winning Residential Moving Team | Humboldt | Boston

Serafin Team Nomination : “These movers are stars! Despite repeated setbacks with the arrival of the truck, these five men never wavered in their professionalism & willingness to get the job done right. I cannot recall seeing any of them attempt to cut any corners just to get done more quickly, even as the day drug close to 12 hours long in drizzly, & then dark conditions. When they arrived, they immediately devised strategies to make the rest of the day more efficient, & less disruptive for us, despite the fact that our kids unexpectedly had the day off. Our thanks that night, while truly genuine and heartfelt, seems insufficient. Please let them know just how much we appreciated their work, their attitude, and their thoughtfulness.”

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