What Questions Should You Ask Your Moving Company Boston, MA, January, 2012…Humboldt Storage and Moving, the oldest moving company in Boston, United Van Lines agent and experts in stress-free moving have been moving individuals, families and others for well over 100 years. One of the most important steps, Humboldt reminds families, is that finding a reputable and trustworthy moving company is essential to a successful move. The Boston Moving company has a number of tips about what to ask a moving company and how to start thinking about an estimate. Ask the right questions: Some questions that every moving company should be asked include: Are they bonded and insured? What is their DOT number? These are legal requirements that every moving company should have. What Quality or civic organizations are they affiliated with? (American Moving & Storage Associations ProMover and the BBB are such examples). The next important question to ask is whether the company’s crew and employees have been background checked and drug tested. These are important questions to ask when it is these people who will be handling a family’s most valuable household belongings. Every company should be asked to provide references to past similar moves. And lastly, to avoid the chance of any moving scams, it is important to ask how long the company has been in business. Looking at an Estimate: When looking at an estimate, there are other important questions to ask a moving company. First, it is important to ask if the estimate is bound, meaning the price cannot change unless new services are added. If an estimate is not bound, the price could go up or down based on the weight of the shipment and the services on moving day. The next question is whether full valuation is included on the estimate. Valuation is similar to insurance during the move, though not technically insurance. All movers are obligated to provide $.60 per pound valuation at no cost, but it is always recommended that a shipper gets full valuation to insure protection against damage or loss. Some movers include full valuation and others don’t – this is an important question to ask. Finally, it is important that the customer asks what the delivery timing will be. When moving interstate, most companies will give a window of dates for delivery. It is important, therefore, to take this into account and understand that a consumer could be charged additional temporary storage fees and other charges should they not be able to accept the shipment. “Ultimately, it comes down to finding a moving company that you can trust,” explains James Sullivan, president of Humboldt Storage and Moving. “Moving is stressful and you want to make sure that the people that are handling your most valuable possessions are trustworthy and capable.” For more tips on what to ask a moving company, log on to the Moving company blog for a short video: http://www.movingcompanyblog.com/?p=884 About Humboldt Storage and Moving: Boston moving company Humboldt Storage and Moving, founded in1905 is Greater Boston’s oldest moving company and largest United Van Lines agent. The company’s philosophy is “Relax. And get moving.” Moving is cited as one of the more stressful occasions in people’s lives and the entire Humboldt team goes to great lengths to ensure all customers feel at ease through the entire moving process. For more information about Humboldt’s expertise and moving services contact them at (781) 821-8777. For additional information visit https://www.humboldt.com/

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