Don’t Let a Move Add Stress to an Already Stressful Season Boston, MA, November, 2011…Humboldt Storage and Moving, the oldest moving company in Boston, United Van Lines agent and experts in stress-free moving move families and business people at all times of the year. One of the more stressful times is during the holiday season. The Boston-area moving company has come up with a number of tips to help ease the stress of moving during the holidays and more can be found here; Plan Ahead: Sometimes a move does need to happen quickly but if at all possible, plan as far ahead as you can. As many people take extra days off during the holidays, scheduling your move might be more challenging. The best advice after you know you are going to move is to call the moving company first. Easily Locate Holiday Items: If you are planning to move into a new home and celebrate the holidays there, you’ll want to make sure you know where those items are. Items you might need are holiday decorations, kitchenware and utensils, a Christmas tree and others holiday items. Plan for Weather: Especially in the northeast, weather can snarl travel plans and get in the way of a relaxing and stress-free move. No matter if you are driving or flying, make sure you leave plenty of time taking into consideration delays because of bad weather. Additionally, if it snows prior to moving day insure clear paths have been salted and shoveled to provide adequate access for the moving crews. Be Festive: Yes, moving is stressful but by staying positive and making sure you and your family enjoy the holidays, you can also ensure that you’ll have less stress around the holidays and your move. If you have family traditions, don’t let the move get in the way of continuing those traditions. “The holidays are already stressful for many and when you throw in a move, that can complicate matters,” says James Sullivan, president of Humboldt Storage and Moving. “We recommend preparing as much in advance as possible, staying calm and making sure you still enjoy the holiday season.” About Humboldt Storage and Moving: Boston moving company Humboldt Storage and Moving, founded in1905 is Greater Boston’s oldest moving company and largest United Van Lines agent. The company’s philosophy is “Relax. And get moving.” Moving is cited as one of the more stressful occasions in people’s lives and the entire Humboldt team goes to great lengths to ensure all customers feel at ease through the entire moving process. For more information about Humboldt’s expertise and moving services contact them at (781) 821-8777. For additional information visit

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