Experts in all types of moves, Humboldt Storage and Moving has tips to ease the stress of relocating Boston, MA, January, 2012…Humboldt Storage and Moving, the oldest moving company in Boston, United Van Lines agent and experts in stress-free moving have noticed that downsizing has become a growing trend in recent years. Millions of Americans move each year. In fact, in 2010, 37.5 million people moved according to the census bureau. The National Association of Home Builders has cited in recent years that many builders are constructing smaller, lower-priced homes, indicating just how wide-spread this phenomenon is. It is a trend that will clearly continue. The Boston moving company has come up with a number of tips to help ease the burden of downsizing: •Get the Family Together: Downsizing can be a difficult process, especially in the beginning. The first step is to get the family together. This can sometimes mean extended family as well. The goal is to get a dialogue started. From impulsive buys to priceless family treasures, a lot of household items and possessions accumulate over the years and it takes a family conversation to move the process along. •Get expert help if needed: There are companies that can assist with the moving process. Humboldt as well as other moving companies can help to some extent. A moving company can help a family get things organized or help them look for local auctioneers or places to donate items. But, if a family finds that they need more help than that, there are professionals out there who will help with every step of the process such as move managers. They would go through the house with a family room by room, assessing the situation from every angle. For more information, the experts at Humboldt have put together this video to discuss the ins and outs of downsizing and what a family needs to be preparing for: “Downsizing can be a stressful time and it can be a joyous time as well,” states James Sullivan, President of Humboldt Storage and Moving, “The more urgent the move, the more stress a person will experience and it pays to get family involved and be patient through the process.”  About Humboldt Storage and Moving: Boston moving company Humboldt Storage and Moving, founded in1905 is Greater Boston’s oldest moving company and largest United Van Lines agent. The company’s philosophy is “Relax. And get moving.” Moving is cited as one of the more stressful occasions in people’s lives and the entire Humboldt team goes to great lengths to ensure all customers feel at ease through the entire moving process. For more information about Humboldt’s expertise and moving services contact them at (781) 821-8777. For additional information visit

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