Stress is a key contributor to moving.  Recently I have just purchased a house and the amount of stress that I went through was enormous.  The purchase I made was through a “short sale” which certainly added to the stress.  We sat at the table to sign papers and were not even sure if all the money had been resolved.  That final day was sending me through the wall.  We finally got all of the last minute issues resolved and signed paperwork.  Three long months of waiting and wondering had finally paid off.  We were now home owners and looking forward to the challenges that followed.  Now it was time to get to the painting and cleaning.  We began by priming the master bedroom, and by the time we completed the painting we had decided that we would complete the paint job there and just was the other bedroom was and leave the paint color.  This task had worn me out so we are going to turn to the professionals to paint the living room and dining areas.  On top of all of these stressful situations I can only imagine having to worry about a moving company handling my precious belongings.  In two ways I am lucky, first as an employee at Humboldt Storage and Moving I have about 15 first class movers whom have volunteered to assist with my move.  These men would take all the stress out of moving because I know there skills and abilities.  The second reason I am lucky is the I do not have a lot of goods that need to be moved, and the moving process should only last about 1 hour. At Humboldt we want to service all of our customers in a stress free manner because we know that entire relocation process is very stressful, as a first time home I now have a higher respect for the term “relax and get moving.”

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