Summer Cleaning During The COVID-19 Quarantine

If you are like many families we have been talking with lately, you are starting to look around your house during the COVID-19 quarantine and have decided to do some summer cleaning. That could be your basement, maybe you have not been in your attic in years or you have clothing that you would like to donate or store away.

Wherever the clutter is in your home, Humboldt is ready to help get those projects completed while we are all staying at home and practicing social distancing. If you are looking for a productive project right now, organizing the items in you home might be the best use of your time.

Our team at Humboldt Storage and Moving has put together a number of packages to help you relax and get packing and make good use of your time while we have all been asked to stay at home.

Packing Supplies For Your Summer Cleaning

We have everything you need to start your summer cleaning projects. From boxes that can hold books, dish packs, wardrobe boxes and many other sizes, we’ll get you everything you need to get your decluttering project underway. 

You can also contact our customer service team for custom packages. If you don’t see what you need below, contact our customer service team today. All of our boxes are listed in cubic feet. So for example, a 3.0 Carton will hold up to 3.0 cubic feet of items. Ask our customer service team for the best boxes for your project.

No Contact Delivery

Our custom packing supply packages listed below can be ordered through our customer service team and delivered right to your door. Our entire process is meant to give you peace of mind, with safety for your family a top priority.

All our packing supplies are shrink wrapped for your safety and dropped off at your door with no contact at all. Just tell us where to drop your supplies and our team will deliver straight to your home.

You can also pay for your supplies by credit card to minimize any further contact.

We are offering free delivery of packing items within 25 miles of Canton, MA.

Did You Find Furniture That Needs Repairing?

And while you are on your summer cleaning project and find furniture that needs repair, keep in mind our partners at Mind’s Eye. Based right here in Canton, the furniture repair experts can rehab just about any furniture item you find in your home that needs fixing. Our crews can retrieve your furniture item and get it right to the experts at Mind’s Eye. Again, with no contact for safety.

Looking To Donate Items?

If you find items during your summer cleaning, and you want to make donations, we have also listed some of our donation partners below. And while many of these organizations are currently closed, you’ll know where and how to donate when the time comes that these donations can be transferred in a safe manner.

More Than Words: More Than Words, based in Waltham serves youth who have been in foster care, court-ordered, homeless or out of school to help run a used and retail book business as a vehicle to gain skills for their successful transition into adulthood and employment.

Furnishing Hope: Provides families with basic furniture and household goods necessary to create a comfortable and nurturing environment from which to make a new start.

Cradles to Crayons: Provides the essential items children need to feel safe, warm, ready to learn, and valued. We invite you to look in closets, drawers and shelves at home for new and like-new clothing, shoes, books and toys that have been outgrown or replaced by a new favorite.

Contact Our Team Today

Let’s make the best use of our time at home during this crisis. Getting rid of unwanted items, decluttering and making more space in your home is a great way to pass the time and you’ll be thankful you took the time to embark on this project.

Contact our team today and let’s get you set up with one of our packages. Let’s relax and get cleaning!


10           1.5 cartons

5              3.0 cartons

5              4.5 cartons

1              6.0 carton

1              roll of tape

½             bundle of packing paper



5              3.0 cartons

5              4.5 cartons

1              6.0 carton

1              dishpack

1             roll of tape

½             bundle of packing paper



4              wardrobe cartons

3              3.0 cartons

2              4.5 cartons

1             roll of tape


All FREE deliveries made to front doorstep.  All packages will be in protective shrink wrap.

We can make custom orders and even do a virtual call with you to professionally estimate the number of boxes needed for the rooms you want to pack to store, purge or donate.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!