If you have decided to move out of state, you probably have a pretty tall list of tasks that you’d like to accomplish before moving day. We have a number of customers that are moving from Boston to Texas as well as Boston to Florida so we understand that you may have a few extra items on your To Do List on an Interstate move.

It’s important to be as organized as possible when you’re moving to another state. So here are a few quick items to remember before you embark on your Interstate moving journey.

Make sure your moving company has multiple ways to contact you

Most likely, you will be making your journey to your new home in your car or by air. You will be separated from your household goods for a period of time so it is important for you to ensure your moving company has multiple ways of getting ahold of you. If you are traveling with your family, make sure they have more than one mobile phone contact. Also, making sure they have e-mail contacts is vital.

Charging cords for your devices

Speaking of your phone, make sure you do not pack the charging cords for your mobile phone and other devices. That includes your tablet and even your laptop. While in many cases you could purchase a charging cord at a local store, being in transit can limit your options sometimes.

Make sure you have cash and credit cards on you

We know this may sound simple but in the rush of packing to move, some people pack important items and then regret it. That can include important papers or even your credit cards. You should have cash and credit cards on hand for a couple of reasons. First, they are of course valuables so they should not leave your site. But second, if you’re on an Interstate move and get delayed, you may need to pay for

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