One thing we take pride in here at Humboldt Storage and Moving is that no matter who you are, we are going to pull out all the stops to make sure that everyone involved can be a little more relaxed during the entire moving process.

Every move is different, every family has unique circumstances and needs and everyone on our team here understands moving. We also understand that there are moving jobs where we need to implement a greater degree of planning and execution.

A few years back we developed a series of videos and tip sheets to help those that have family members with autism navigate moving to a new home a little easier. We are not experts in autism but when we tapped into the resources of various families around Massachusetts, together we were able to produce resources that could help other families that were moving with autism.

Every move is unique and everyone with autism is different.

And just like some of the moves we conduct for seniors relocating to a new home, both the family and the moving company need to be highly engaged to lower the stress as much as possible.

The families we worked with to produce these resources had a number of great tips and we have outlined them in a number of videos including what to do before the move, moving day tips as well as advice for settling in after the move.

A few key points from these family members include

Like any other type of move regardless of special circumstances, planning is absolutely critical. When you have a family member with autism, there can be no surprises when it comes to relocating to a new home or community. Plan your move as far in advance as possible, involve your family members in the move and tap into resources to help you get through stressful times. That can be a therapist or trusted autism professional.

Visit your new home and community in advance of your move. This is another thing our moving experts suggest you do but it’s all more important when you have a family member on the autism spectrum. Spending as much time as you need at your new home, walking around your new community, and even scheduling school visits to make a world of difference.

You know better than anyone about your family member’s routines so do your best to not disrupt that routine given the challenge of moving. Those could be around meals, television or video game time, or other routines that need to be adhered to.

You can also talk about the journey that you and your family will be embarking on and try to create some excitement around new beginnings. Maybe it’s the opportunity to decorate their new room or find a new restaurant with a favorite food.

To get more tips on autism and moving and see the videos we have produced for families. And if you have any special requirements for your upcoming move, please let your moving professional know in advance.


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