Moving Tips for Retirees

Moving Tips for Retirees

Moving Tips for Retirees

You’ve worked your tail off for years, risen up the corporate ladder or owned your own business. Work has always been part of your life and now, it’s time to kick back and enjoy the next stage of your wonderful life. You’ve decided to retire. Maybe you’ll still work or volunteer to keep busy but the 9-5 and beyond is a thing of the past for you. Oh, and the kids are out of the house and raising families of their own. It’s time to make your move!

What does retirement look like for you? For many, it’s a time to either downsize, move to a warmer climate or buy that house on the golf course you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever the next several years look like, if you’ve decided to leave your current home, you’ll need prepare for a move and in the process, make a few decisions along the way.

Moving in your retirement years may look a little different than when you moved into that first apartment out of college. For one, you most certainly had less to move. If you were like most kids out of college, you may not have had much to move at all. But after decades in the workforce, countless shopping trips and the general accumulation of personal items over the years, you are now faced with decisions. Will you take everything with you, or begin to trim down?

If you’re like many, you may have more “stuff” than you are aware of. And if you’re going to move and in many cases, downsize, you’ll need to get a much better idea of all the items you posses in your home. Ready to start relaxing and move into retirement? Here are 6 important moving tips for retirees.

Full Inventory

If you’re thinking of moving, you need to get a full understanding of everything you have. It’s not unlike any other move in your lifetime but as you get older, you’ll want less things to be responsible for. Look at everything and every place you own. Check your home, garage, attic, and even that storage bin you forgot you rented years ago. Get an idea of everything you have and make a list if needed.

Decide What You Want To Keep

Now comes the tough part. You really need to decide what you are going to keep and what you can part with. If you are the sentimental type, you may have a difficult time with this because you may see memories in everything. But if you have decided to move, and possibly downsize, this is going to have to be part of the process. Professional organizers will recommend you create a few piles or groups. You’ll need a keep pile, a donate pile and a trash pile. And we would add to that, a pile of items you want to give to family members.

Family Members

To avoid any family feuds, you might consider asking your family to take certain items. You may have acquired a lot of furniture throughout the years both purchased and from your own family so there may be interest from children and other relatives in the furniture you can’t take with you. We’ll leave the family arguing about special pieces to you, but we recommend starting with your family.


There are many charitable organizations that will take all types of household items. We have relationships with several including organizations that take furniture, used books, clothing and many other types of personal belongings. Many clean these items up and make sure they get to a family in need. Others have social enterprises in place and have built actual stores that not only get those good to worthy families but also help by employing people who need jobs and job training.


Yes, despite what you may think, some things just need to be disposed of. If you are a pack rat, this may be difficult for you because you might think there is a use for anything. But that fact is, some items just need to meet their end. Take the emotions out of it and make sensible decisions on what needs to go. If you have a lot of things that might be considered trash, call a reputable junk service. Most will show up, take your junk away and dispose of those items properly.

Enjoy The Journey

We run into many people who are forced to move for various reasons. If you can take your time and enjoy the transition you are going through, do so. As you go through all your items, you can enjoy those memories. Know that items you are donating or giving to family and friends will service a useful purpose.

Take your time getting to your new home. We know many who have retired, hopped in their car and made a long journey out of their move. Have your moving company move all your items while you enjoy the ride.

When you get to your new destination, find new places such as new restaurants and coffee shops. Create new traditions and meet new people. Read a book or play more golf. It’s your retirement. Make it what you want!

And as we always say here, relax and get moving!