Moving is stressful on everyone – including pets. It is easy to overlook the needs of your pets during this time. Try to keep your pet’s routines and schedule as normal as possible before, during, and after your move. Spoil your pets with treats and lots of playtime during the transition. Remember to keep an eye on their food and water intake and address any concerns quickly.

Moving with Pets

Before the Move

  • Keep your pet in mind when choosing your new home. Is the neighborhood walkable? Are there unfriendly pets / animals? Is the square footage of your new home large enough? Are pets welcome? Is the climate appropriate?
  • Research pet laws and local ordinances in your new town, state, or country to make sure what is required and that you will be in compliance.
  • Choose the correct carrier or crate for traveling. Select a hard sided carrier that is just large enough for your pet to stand up, turn around, and lie down. Your carrier should have a leak proof bottom, secure door latch, and should fit safely in your vehicle. Leave the carrier out in a common area, so that your pet can become familiar with it. Place foods and toys near and inside the carrier. Remember to give praise and treats to reinforce good behaviors!
  • Schedule a veterinarian appointment a few weeks before your move. Make sure to have a new vet lined up at your destination. Have your current vet send medical records and documentation to your new vet. Make sure your pet’s shots, including rabies shots, are up to date and request a copy of your pet’s health certificate to have on hand during your move. Ensure you have enough of any necessary prescription medications or food to last until you are settled in your new home.
  • Remember to update your pet’s collar tags and microchip before your move. ID tags should ideally include your cell phone # – as these do not change as often as land lines.