Congratulations, you’re moving to your new home! And you’re moving with a new baby. Are you up for the challenge? Well with the right moving company and a little bit of extra support, you’ll be in good hands. And so will your baby.

If you have young ones at home and you need to move into a new house, planning is certainly going to be the name of the game if you’re going to accomplish what you need to do with little stress. You might need to be a little flexible as well as give yourself a break, but it can be done.

Check out what our experienced Humboldt movers have to say about moving to your new home with your baby.

Don’t go it alone

If you are moving to a new home and you have a baby, one of the worst mistakes you can make is trying to do everything yourself. And that goes for trying to have friends and family conduct a Do It Yourself move. To save yourself unnecessary stress and needless aggravation, you need to use professional movers. Moving companies you contact should understand that you have a baby and that it could affect the way you move to your new home. In short, if you’re moving with a baby make sure you use a full-service moving company.

Leave your friends and families efforts to organize and pack for your move. Ask them to help declutter your house as well as utilize their kind nature in helping you pack up various rooms. This alone can go a long way in reducing your stress when moving with a baby. Have a packing party, crack open your favorite bottle of wine and order some pizza. But never rely on them to conduct the actual move.

Organize everything your baby needs before the move

You should have quick access to everything your baby is going to need during your move. And we mean everything. That includes any and all food or formula, extra sets of clothing, blankets, diapers, and of course any toys. And don’t forget the pop-up portable crib if you have one.

Set up everything for your baby first

You should always tell your moving company if there are special circumstances involving your move. And that is very important when moving with a baby. Anything your baby needs such as a bed or a crib, or small swings should be easily accessible as soon as your moving company shows up to your home. You should also ask your professional movers to set up your baby’s room first before anything else. And you should also have the baby’s room ready for the movers.

Take plenty of breaks

Moving can be stressful for babies and children, and you never know just how they may react to the new home. If you’re spending a lot of time tending to the move, this could stress you out quickly. Make sure you don’t work yourself too hard during move day and the days after unpacking. Do what you can, don’t beat yourself up if you’re not progressing as fast as you’d like, and take time to relax. It will all get done eventually.

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