If you are moving in the year 2020 or 2021, you will want to think about a number of things with your family before embarking on a move to a new home. The Coronavirus global pandemic has caused us to think about so many things for our family. We are thinking about health, family safety, how and where we work and how we’re going to make the most of our homes and property.

People are still moving during these times despite what you might think. Are you one of them? People have decided to move because of mortgage rates, job and career, re-locating closer to family, and many other reasons. We have helped many with moves that are related to COVID-19, and we have done our part to help families in need during this time. Yes, we are still moving families.

What should you consider if you are moving this coming year?

Staying close to a new home

Some of you have decided that you are going to make the best of staying at home during these times. But that is not necessarily your current home. Maybe you’ve decided that it’s time to get the home of your dreams. Because if you’re going to stay home and make the most of your property, you might as well do it in that dream home. If you are going to move to that home that is your dream property, make a checklist of things that you want. Is it a garage, swimming pool, maybe you want to barn, or enough room for a garden? Write down your priorities before you look for that new home.

Home office

The year 2020 has changed how many will conduct work in business. It may be temporary, or it could be a more permanent change in the way the workplace of the future looks. If you are going to be moving, you should consider looking for a home that has enough dedicated space to turn into an office. So many during COVID-19 we’re forced to turn their dining rooms, bedrooms and other parts of the house into a working office. These locations are not ideal scenarios and they certainly do not foster high productivity.

How much work is involved?

If you have tried to get any home improvement projects done this past year, you know that hiring a contractor for almost anything requires patience. Once COVID-19 hit and we were told to stay close to home, many homeowners decided that if they were going to stay put, they were going to make the best use of their home and property. We have talked to many home improvement contractors and have heard that they are booked solid well into 2021.

So, if you are planning to move and looking at new homes, consider that home improvement projects at your new home may have to wait. If you were buying a new home and have decided that once you get there you are going to have someone build a swimming pool, you may be disappointed in how long you may have to wait.

You may decide that there are some home improvement projects that you could take on yourself. However, keep in mind that many construction materials have also been in short order. Demand has risen for those and a combination of professionals working on your home, and self-directed home improvement projects have caused inventory for a number of construction materials to dwindle.

In short, if you’re moving, make sure you can enjoy that new home with the features it has for a while.

Family considerations

For better or for worse, we have moved countless individuals over the past several months because they wanted to be closer to family. Many have decided that this is very important as we’ve experienced the troubling year. Others, related to COVID-19, have been forced to move closer to family to take care of others.

If family is important to you, which we know it is, consider staying close to those family members. We need our family more than ever now and we feel it is important to stay close to the ones you love.

Finding a qualified local moving company

If you are embarking on a local move, you are going to want to find the right moving company for you and your family. A moving company should give you a dedicated representative , specific to your move, provide a virtual survey of your home to be safe, and understand that these are stressful times and they need to do everything they can to put you and your family at ease during your journey, down the street or across the country. Choose your movers carefully. Check out our video below from Jim Sullivan, President of Humboldt Storage & Moving.

Are you ready to move? Contact our team today and find out more about how we have been moving families safely and successfully during COVID-19.

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