Those who have never moved before or those trying to save a little money may decide to take on the enormous task of packing and transporting all their items to a new location. Moving is an enormous task and sometimes people do not realize this until they are knee-deep in boxes and packing tape. Before you choose a DIY move, consider all the factors involved in the process and carefully consider the pros and cons of hiring a moving company. As one of many Boston moving companies, you’d expect us to tell you it’s better to hire a professional like us; but there are truly very good reasons for doing so. Employing reputable and insured professionals to safely and effectively transport your belongings may be more cost effective than you think and will also save you peace of mind and body aches. Below are a few items to consider when deciding if you want to hire a mover or take on the task yourself: Consider your time: Moving will consume an enormous amount of your time and when you hire a professional, you can save time along with wear and tear on your body. Do you have an experience driving a large truck: For some, packing and loading a truck are not a big deal. However, if you do not know how to drive a large truck or trailer, this is a stressful time to learn. Most people do not feel comfortable driving a large, unfamiliar vehicle; especially when it is loaded with their priceless, personal items. Consider all factors: Although many people experience ‘sticker shock’ when they initially look at the cost of moving, hiring a professional can actually save you money in the long run. Moving companies employ individuals who transport delicate goods every day and who are monetarily covered in case of any damage. This is an important fact to consider in overall costs. There’s more in the video below with our own Jim Sullivan;

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