Being a Boston moving company that sends trucks out on the road every day, we were interested to hear about a traffic law recently put into place in Massachusetts in 2009.  The law is called the “Move Over” law and states that if a patrol car is pulled over to the side of the road, you have to change to the next lane away from the car or slow down by 20 mph of the posted limit.  This is now put into effect in every state except Hawaii, New York, Maryland, and DC.  If you do not follow this law, expect to be ticketed!  This is also of importance to us because at our Boston moving company, we are especially concerned about safety.  This law needs to be taken very seriously to keep our enforcers safe.  According to; over 150 law enforcement officers have been killed since 1999 after being struck by vehicles on the highway.  In June 2010, a state trooper in the Boston area was killed after being struck by a car on the highway while pulling over another car.  This was after the “move over” law was in effect in Massachusetts and should have been followed by the driver.  There have been too many instances were this law has not been followed, and enforcers have lost lives as a result.  The “move over” law was implemented in Massachusetts in 2009.  Many drivers are still unaware of this law.  We should do everything in our power to get the word out to drivers not only to avoid tickets, but to save lives.  Even if you live in a state that does not enforce this law, these precautions should still be taken.  You can expect our drivers at our Boston moving company to take this law very seriously.