As I have mentioned in previous blogs, our Boston moving companyhas teamed up with the non-profit organization, More Than Words.  They run a bookstore/coffee shop in Waltham that employs youth who are on the streets, in a foster care system, out of school, or in the court system.  The youth work as a team to manage the bookstore, the online website, and coffee shop, which teaches them the skills that are necessary to go out into the community with self-confidence and obtain employment.    To help with this great cause, we have gone to our customers and have offered the opportunity to put books to good use that they may be throwing away prior to the move.  Together, our sales and operations teams work to pack, load, and deliver boxes of books to Waltham.   As part of our collaboration we wanted to get more involved with the youth who are employed with the organization, so we invited the youth from More Than Words to tour our facility.  The youth who are working at More Than Words are getting valuable hands on business experience.  We were hoping the visit to Humboldt would increase their exposure to the structure of a business by showing them what we do here.   This past week the youth came to our Boston moving company for their visit.  A group of 15 youth came to learn more about our company and the areas that help us run our business. With the help of our team at Humboldt, they got to experience what it is like to work in sales and marketing, accounting, our international division, customer service, and warehouse operations.  They were able to observe the passion our employees put into there work to help reduce stress of customers.  The employees at Humboldt had a great time.  We have never had a more inquisitive and engaging group of individuals visit us here at Humboldt.  We can’t wait for a return trip from this great group of future business leaders.

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