Have you finally found that home you were looking for? Did you get a new job that requires you to move either to a new town or even a new state? Wherever you are moving, you’ll want to prepare as much as you can. Picking up your entire life and everything around it takes planning, patience and sometimes some work to get it right. The result? A relaxing move that you’ll enjoy. That’s right, relaxing.

However, you will not be able to relax unless you have a few things planned out and in place. And the experts here at Humboldt are ready to assist with our decades of expertise and sound advice.

You may have read some of our past blogs on moving tips and advice so here’s some more for you to think about as you move your family to your new home.

Organize your move

If you are choosing the right moving company, the professional advisers and crews will be organized. They need to be to ensure you have a satisfying moving experience. But you need to be organized as well on your end. That is everything from the parts of the move including packing, labeling boxes, scheduling utilities and many other moving parts. We suggest keeping a notebook with all your moving lists in one place. It is also a great place to keep track of any budget you have for moving and your expenses. You can even create separate pages for each family member such as the kids.

Get the correct boxes

A box is not just a box and you need to have the correct boxes for your move. Some items require special packing to ensure items do not get damaged during the transport. That includes dish packs for glasses and plates, clothing boxes or what some call wardrobe boxes, mattress boxes, mirror boxes and others. And