The month of May symbolizes many things, kids are starting to get out of school, the weather is nice, but it is also the beginning of moving season. The months of May through September are the busiest moving months of the year and we at Humboldt Storage and Moving know how stressful a move can be. As a company that handles countless moves each year locally and internationally we have gathered some tips to make your moving experience as relaxed as possible. Most people today use the internet to find a moving company.

For instance, they will search for moving companies in Boston. When deciding on a mover, beware of overly attractive websites. Many of these websites can actually be brokers; brokers will sell your move to other moving companies. In many cases these companies don’t even have a physical address and they cannot come survey your home properly. -Make sure the moving company you selected comes to your home to survey the move. If the company will only quote over the phone, don’t use them. It is important to show the representative of the moving company everything that needs to be moved so that there are no unnecessary surprises on moving day. -If you know you are moving, call a legitimate moving company with a physical address as soon as possible. Preparation is essential in a successful, stress-free move, so prepare as far ahead as possible.

Seventy percent of moves happen during the summer, and most moving companies are fully booked during the summer months. -Involve the entire family. If moving with children, get them to think of the move as an adventure. Create special boxes for them to pack.(We have kids moving kits. Just ask us!)  Children who are engaged in the packing and moving process will make the move go smoothly. You can also show them maps of their new locations and even take them on tours of their new schools.

While searching for your moving company, it is important to get at least three estimates from three separate companies. Different companies draw up estimates differently, so obtaining three is a good way to compare them to each other. Also make sure to check the references of these companies. Use the internet to your advantage. Sites like are forums for customers to provide information about other moving companies. Researching a company to make sure they have proper licenses and proper facilities to assist you with your needs. Following our tips will ensure relaxation and peace of mind during the busy moving season. Learn more from our President Jim Sullivan in this video below.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!