It’s supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year,” but we all know that the holiday season can be really stressful.  Moving during this time of the year can make the stress even worse.  Here at this Boston moving company, we want to share some advice for moving during the holiday season that will hopefully make your move a little jollier. When you are planning your packing, make sure that you know where you put your holiday decorations, warm winter clothing, and shovels so that you can easily access these items once you get to the new house.  This way, you will be able to set up the house for the holidays and be prepared for the frigid weather to come. Keep in mind the dates you are planning to move, because unpacking takes a lot of time and effort and can leave the house a bit of a disaster for some time.  This can make having holiday guests even more stressful than it is in the first place!  Also, the drivers get days off during the holidays too, so if you are moving long distance, it will most likely take more time for your belongings to get to your new home. Don’t forget about the snow either!  Before your movers get to both your old home and your new home, make sure that you have cleared and salted the walkways because a lot of people do not realize that this is actually the responsibility of the customer, not the moving company. Take a look at the video below with owner Howard Goldman and have a happy and stress-free holiday!

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