To say Boston Sports Fans are passionate is an understatement. I was raised to hate the Yankees before I even knew how to play baseball, and myself, along with thousands of other people, have sat out in the snow and cold to cheer on the Pats.  It’s not any different with the Celtics or the Bruins.  There is even a website dedicated solely to Boston Sports Fans where you can read season updates, fan opinions, and participate in poles. Boston fans are proud and true. Tonight is the 4th game of the Stanley Cup Finals, and the Bruins are 1 to 2 against the Canucks and I have faith that the Bruins are going to blow this game out of the water like they did on Monday, even up the games 2-2. I have a couple co-workers who are passionate enough to go out, watch the games on a big screen with a ton of other fans, and spend their night cheering, as well as attend an occasional game (and always manage to make it into work the next day).  And while the playoffs were still going on, they were  trying to legitimize spending up to $500 a seat to see a Stanley Cup game live – now that is no pocket change, but it is a priority to watch and attend hockey games, end of story.  And as crazy as that may sound, it’s not unusual to spend a big chunk of change to watch your favorite team play. Every Boston fan has their favorite sport, and when the big game comes along, and that fan has his or her heart set on attending the game, there is almost nothing that will get in the way – not a blizzard, not a bout of the flu, not $500. We like to live by the motto, “where there’s a will, there’s a way,” and watching a Boston team play is no exception.