I come from a family of people who love to travel, move around, enjoy the nuances and cultural differences found in a new place.  My brother (22) got back this week from a 3 month stint of living in Cairo, Egypt, where he studied Arabic, traveled and absorbed the culture.  He traveled all the way south to Aswan, and then further south to Abu Simbel on the Sudanese border (by caravan).  And he went all the way west to Siwa as well, a remote (and maybe primitive?) area where women are never seen in public.  In addition to this he has lived and taught in France on a few occasions, studied in Malta and traveled throughout most of western Europe and some of Africa.  He has plans to take off on his next adventure in September: teaching English in Martinique. My parents returned the same day as my brother from a 10 day visit out to see him, where they explored the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, many tombs, mosques, temples, camels and a lot of sand.  Over the years they have travelled all of the United States, lived in Seattle and Kansas and made a couple stops in western Europe. My other brother (24) is finally settled in Jackson Wyoming after 3 years of short term stays and traveling from Arizona to Montana, Utah to Oregon (and back and forth and back and forth).  Every other time I try to call him, I find he is off on some trek in the Grand Tetons or is out exploring some other beautiful mountain, cave or valley! My sister (22) is probably the closest to a homebody out of all of us, and she has been to Europe on 2 or 3 occasions and is now in college, which we all know is transient because of the moving in and out of dorms, back and forth to home for breaks and long weekends. I’ve always been a traveler.  At 13 I visited a family friend for 3 weeks in France.  My Sophomore year in college I studied abroad in Leeds, England and after graduation, I headed over to London for a while to live and work.  Throughout that time, I visited most of the countries in western Europe by train and on foot, and explored as much culture as I could get my hands on!  I fell in love with cities all over the world. But of course traveling isn’t all bliss and happiness.  Traveling can be stressful!  When my mom came to visit me abroad, her luggage was lost on the way, leaving her with only a spare pair of undies and PJ pants. My brother’s girlfriend traveled with him to Siwa, where she was gawked at and judged by every passerby.  Moving in and out of college dorms is always stressful and time consuming…and we all know that the air conditioner is usually broken! When I moved to Boston to take the job with Humboldt, I packed every single possession I had into a small Audi A4 the night before I started work, finally arriving at my destination at 11 pm, and then unpacking the car.  Talk about stressful.  But at least I had some control.  I think about the stress I felt, moving my measly collection of hand-me-downs 200 miles.  I can only imagine how a family would feel, not only moving their possessions, but their children, to a whole new place much further away!  It certainly gives me a lot more respect for their circumstances. As a Boston moving company, we come in contact with different people, with different lifestyles and different cultural needs every day.  We help college students in and out of dorms and away from their parents for the first time, we help business men and women move internationally for new career opportunities, we help families in financial need downsize, we help executives move into their new and improved mansions…whatever it is, their life is changing, and change (both good and bad) always comes with stress. For me, traveling has helped me maintain a healthy perspective on change and on hardship.  Having your bag lost on your trip to London is no big deal in the grand scheme of things because I can pop over to the local store and buy a 3 pack of undies for $10, no problem (or 3 pairs at $10 each, depending on your preference).  In the grand scheme, that is nothing, but at the time, it is EARTHSHATTERING and HORRIBLE!  And having that experience, and coming out to the other size unscathed (duh), makes it so much easier to see how people can get so absorbed in their circumstances.  So to those of you who are stressing about an upcoming move, keep in mind that Humboldt Storage & Moving and all of us travelers and homebodies (and everything in between) are here for you in your time of need.  We understand that change is stressful and we are here to help.