Ask A Humboldt Expert: What should I expect when Humboldt Storage & Moving does my packing for me?

Leave the packing to our experts! Sit back and check out this helpful video guide so you can ‪#‎relaxandgetmoving‬

Humboldt Packing

Humboldt Packing & Moving

In this video we will discuss the following key points to ensure you are ready to go on packing day.

  • The day will start with introductions and a pre-pack tour of your home to discuss what the crew will be packing.
  • During this pre-pack walk through – it is important you point out high value items to the crew so they are aware and can note them on the High Value Inventory sheet.
  • The crew will then protect your residence, bring in supplies, and start packing.
  • As our expert packers get to work, they will ensure boxes only contain items from one room and are labelled clearly.
  • Every box will be labelled with your name, order #, room, and a description of the contents.
  • Every item will be packed as though it were fragile.
  • Our expert packers carefully select from a range of packing materials to protect items and ensure boxes are full, will not be crushed, and are easy to stack.
  • Upon completion of packing, the crew will have you sign a few documents including:
    • Inventory Sheet
    • High Value Inventory Sheet
    • Quality Control Report

Once packing is completed, it is time to turn your attention to loading day! Check back for our next blog post on loading day.

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