I would bet that if you set out to ask people all across the country what their major source of stress was right now, 50% or more would answer the economy. With the crumbling housing situation, a volatile stock market, the near failure of major industries (banking and auto), climbing unemployment and with no certain end is site, there is little wonder way people are so concerned. If you would like to see how your state stacks up to the rest of the nation on some of these issues click here. So the big question is: in these trying times, what can you do? The truth is, on many of the large issues we can do nothing but wait for the government to get moving. However, there are some things you can do/realize to lower your stress level: #1. Unless you are retiring very soon, don’t over react to the stock market- Most people have a 401K or IRA or the likes that has taken a tremendous hit right now. Remember that the loss you see on your statement is not an actual loss unless you move your money into your bank account. The only time the amount in your retirement plan that matters is when you retire. (And don’t worry, the market is cyclical will bounce back eventually!) #2. Don’t over extend yourself- Just because you can do something does not mean you should. The reality is that banks loaned money to people that the people could not really pay back, hence the foreclosure problem. As much as companies need to take responsibility for their actions, so do individuals. #3. If you are doing business with companies, make sure they are financially stable- Humboldt is a great example. We have had storage customers call in and ask about how we are doing because they are worried about their goods. The good news is that this Boston moving company is doing well, even in this downturn economy. #4. Don’t stress what is out of your control- Listen, as an international mover there are things that are in our control and things that are not. Customs is a great example. We can do all the right things, but if customs decides that they are going to inspect or hold up a shipment there is nothing anyone can do. Think about your life, your career, your health and the economy. You may have general control of these (with exception of the economy) but each one has some aspects which are beyond your control. Realize what these aspects are and work hard to not let them be sources of stress. The long and the short of it is that no one knows what the future holds and things may infact get worse before they get better. But, no matter what happens staying relaxed and thinking things through logically is always the best solution! Like we alway say here at Humboldt, ”relax and get moving“.

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