As I sat on the couch this past Sunday and watch the Patriots, I was jubilated to watch our New England Patriots take another victory. After a week of talk from the Jets, I knew the Patriots would come fired up. Kick off was upon us and the Patriots received the ball. The first few drives did not result in much, but I thought to myself don’t stress, they will pull it out, plus the defense is shutting down the Jets offense. As half time approached the Pats were still control the game defensively. As the kickoff came for the second half so did the stress of all of Boston. The Jets began to move the ball, but still we are the Patriots, we saw a miraculous comeback in week 1, it will happen again. However, this time there was no come back, just anxiety and stress for all Patriots fans alike. Yet it was important to remember that as the game ended to take a step back and realize that this is just a game to us, and a job for these men. There are many more important issues going on in our lives and in the world to dwell on a loss in a sports game.