The basic elements of moving seem pretty straight forward; pack up your belongings and transport them to your new location. As easy as this may seem there are a few items moving companies will not transport for your safety and other reasons. Humboldt Storage and Moving is the oldest moving company in Boston with over 100-years experience transporting customers and their personal items. We know planning ahead helps moving day go smoothly so we have provided a list of four items that are best left off the moving truck: And don’t forget to see my chat with Jim below. Paint and propane tanks: Moving companies want to get your valuable belongings to their destination safely therefore it is too dangerous to transport them next to flammable or combustible items. While gas cans and propane tanks are definitely not allowed on moving truck other prohibited items often include pesticides and fertilizers.   Valuable items: It is in a mover’s best interest to carry irreplaceable items with them on moving day to keep them from getting lost or misplaced. Valuable belongings like: cash, jewelry, check books, doctor records and passports should be kept somewhere safe and easy to access. No pets allowed: To ensure the safety and security of precious pets, moving companies do not transport animals. Make a plan to keep your pet safe and secure during a move by placing them with family or friends or checking them into doggie day care. Airlines can be helpful in making a plan to relocate your pet as efficiently as possible. No food allowed: It is best to keep food and most beverages off the moving ban as it make be compromised or tainted during transport. While packing, have a feast with perishable items to enjoy food and beverages and to keep anything from going to waste. A reputable moving company like Humboldt has customer’s best interests in mind and strives to ensure precious personal items arrive safely with professional service. Take a moment during your move and make a list of items you’ll need to make other arrangements for.

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