When seniors are relocating and downsizing it can be a difficult transition. For seniors this may be the last move they may make. They are closing out a long chapter in their lives, that is represented by the collection of beautiful things and they can’t take it all with them. Due to the fact that they may not be able to take everything with them to their new home it’s important that the focus is to help them make the best decisions about their belongings. The seniors should decide what to take with them, what will be given to children and family and what items will be donated or go to auction. As the seniors go through this purging process it’s essential to respect who they are, what they have done, what they have accumulated in order to make the transition a little bit easier. It may be difficult but seniors need to remember that their memories are theirs forever; they are not dependent on their things. You can hold onto memories without holding onto things. It’s important to make this move as easy as possible for the senior. Here at Humboldt we strive to make every move, especially senior relocation, stress-free. To learn more about how Humboldt can help you relocate go to our YouTube page.

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