It seems like everything is taking longer during the past two years. Having to live with COVID-19 and all the effects of the pandemic has thrown many of our lives into unknown territory. Every business and consumer has had to navigate different waters and we’ve had to be patient when things don’t go according to plan.

While we continue here at Humboldt to do everything we can to get our customers where they want to be and when they need to be there, certain industry challenges, as well as world affairs, do need to be considered when you’re moving to another country. And this year, some of those challenges appear to be greater for various reasons.

Check out some of the major factors contributing to your international move taking longer in 2022.

Ongoing shortage of shipping containers

There continues to be a shortage of shipping containers. This appeared to start when various manufacturing facilities were shut down across the world due to COVID-19. then, an increase in demand of goods across the world required the need for shipping containers. There have been labor challenges at ports and because many people chose to move during COVID-19, that has only contributed to the shortage of shipping containers.

Continued backups at ports of entry

Compounding the matter is that there are tremendous backups at ports, especially on the West Coast so many shipping containers are just sitting there. It is estimated that at some points, there are over 100 ships waiting to be offloaded off the coast of California. So if you are moving from Boston to another part of the world, you may have to wait for your international moving company to obtain the proper shipping container. Ships can sit out in the ocean for up to 20 days before being unloaded. And the container you need for your move may be on it.

US imports continue to grow

We’ve all heard the term supply chain over and over again over the past many months. But it is the main concern affecting other areas of the shipping world and one of them is international moving. Because the demands on the supply chain have been so great, again containers seem to be in short supply.

What can you do if you are moving to another country this year?

First, you’ll need to plan ahead and then be patient. Many of the factors that are affecting international moving are beyond the control of many of us in the industry. We do everything we can to get customers where they need to be and as a United Van Lines agent in Boston, we have a tremendous network around the world. However, sometimes we just need to be patient and let things work out.

You’ll also want to book your moving company as soon as possible. You may not be able to get on a firm schedule yet but you will get in line and better your chances of moving when you want to.

You also need to stay in constant communication with your move manager as they will update you on the conditions that are around your move. Communication is key during this time.

Are you ready for your next relaxing moving experience? If you’re moving soon, give our team a call today and let’s get started!