There’s nothing spookier than moving to a new place where you don’t know anyone. It can make you feel like you’re living in a ghost town!

Luckily, Halloween is the perfect time to meet your new neighbors. With entire families roaming around the neighborhood, it’s nearly impossible not to introduce yourself.

Here are just a few ways to break the ice on All Hallows’ Eve.

Have the Best-Decorated House on the Block

Do you have a true love of the eerie and bizarre? Make your mark on the neighborhood by going all out with your decorations.
Ask around to get a sense for what the typical Halloween looks like in your neighborhood. Are there a lot of toddlers who start trick-or-treating at 5 p.m., or do the pre-teens like to start at 7, hoping for a haunted happening? This way you’ll know if any of your decorations might be too scary.

If you’re going to use motion sensors, music, sound effects or flashing lights, be courteous and tell your new neighbors ahead of time. Most likely, they won’t have an issue with it, but you never know.

Build a Haunted House

Hands-on? Build a haunted house in your yard or garage for the neighborhood kids to enjoy. Let all the parents know so they have time to swing by.

Some spooky ideas include a makeshift cemetery with tombstones and skeletons or a winding maze with a few jump scares. Other fun decoration ideas include:

  • Specters made of wiring and cheesecloth
  • Giant spiderwebs made of yarn
  • Animatronics and holograms
  • Scrawlings on the wall
  • Plenty of fog

Go Group Trick-or-Treating

If your new neighbors are open to it, go trick-or-treating in a small group so your child can meet other kids their age in the neighborhood. Not only will they get to make a new friend, but you’ll also be able to get to know their parents.

For a chillingly fun time, dress up in a classic family costume.

Host a Frightful Flick

You can easily turn your home into a movie screen with a projector. Send out invites in advance, and then project the movie onto an exterior wall, garage door or inflatable movie screen. Classic kid- and teen-friendly choices include:

  • “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”
  • “Casper”
  • “Frankenweenie”
  • “The Haunted Mansion”
  • “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
  • “Coraline”
  • “Hocus Pocus”
  • “Halloweentown”

Give Out the Big Candy Bars

Get in good with your neighbors by handing out king-size candy bars – you’ll be the most popular person on the block! If you don’t want to do that, find a creative way to display your candy. Have kids take a piece from:

  • The mouth of a pumpkin decoration
  • A treasure chest
  • A witch’s cauldron
  • A mad scientist’s beakers and jars

Set Up a Pumpkin Carving and Painting Station

A few days before Halloween, host a bring-your-own pumpkin carving and painting party. Set up plenty of folding tables in your yard for the crafting station as well as food and drinks. Be sure to stock up on all the essential supplies, like:

  • Pumpkin scoops
  • Pumpkin carving knives
  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Markers
  • Stencils

There will be plenty of downtime to chat with the other parents as the kids work on their creepy creations.

Throw a Monster Bash

Dressing up is half the fun of Halloween. Make it a neighborhood event by offering face painting or letting kids try on wigs and masks and take silly pictures. This way, no one is left out of the fun, and you get to meet all the families in the neighborhood.

Moving to a New Haunt in Boston?

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